Monday, June 14, 2010

Work of Art!

I just realized while watching Work of Art: The Next Great Artist that I can't not blog about it, on this blog called Artwork. So here are my initial impressions:
  • The artists seem a teeny bit jerky. Not all of them, but definitely some.
  • There is a much bigger emphasis on painting than I would have imagined. Don't people keep telling me painting is dead? (It's not, that's dumb.)
  • I think Abdi is really talented and charismatic.
  • I am immensely impressed that they were able to do what they did in such a short amount of time without having a breakdown. I couldn't have done it. Well... I couldn't have done it and liked the end result.
  • The art administrator in me is surprised and disappointed in how poorly everyone spoke about their own art. Only two of them had a good excuse for that. I'm sure they were nervous and tired, but what was running through their heads that whole 13 hours they were working? Were they not having an imaginary conversation with the judges? Huh.
  • I felt bad for Amanda, whose work of art "didn't work," but the piece she made was ultimately a bit shallow - she only reacted to Jaime Lynn's appearance. [Edit: If she was going to go with appearance alone, her design should've been more rococo!]
  • I'm not impressed by that one dude's OCD.
  • Simon de Pury's accent is FABulous!

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Mrs. Katherine said...

I meant to ask you if you were going to watch this show. Now I don't have to!