Monday, May 31, 2010

Pin It Forward!

One of my favorite art & design blogs, sfgirlbybay, recently started a project centered around a new website, Pinterest, which I just love. Pinterest allows you to repost photos from the web and automatically credits the photos with a link to the original site. You create boards that you "pin" photos to - get it? Pinterest!

The project is Pin It Forward, in which a few hundred bloggers are creating boards about "what home means to me." Here are a few of my images:

Home is where the biscuits are, and where old ladies call me "puddin." (from

In my home lives my husband, who buys me great shoes. (from

My books are like old friends that live with me. (from

My home must have a drawing board. (from

A few other bloggers posting about this today are Shanna Murray, L'Atelier, and Orinui. Check out all of the great images being shared! Also check out one of tomorrow's Pin It Forward bloggers, freshlyblended!

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