Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Day

I'm skipping around in time - the previous entry was from November - but I wanted to tell you about my day. I drove to Nashville to pick up some paintings from Twist Gallery, and took these pictures with my camera phone.

First I saw this weird sign on Central just after leaving my house.

I went a different way to get to the gallery once in Nashville, and saw this neat wall.

This is the tiny tiny elevator at The Arcade.

Upstairs at The Arcade.

The paintings I picked up - I missed you guys!

Nashville Skyline - isn't that an album title?

More Nashville stuff.

Stopped at this Exxon to fill up - this "On the Run" store (I preferred it when they were "Tiger Marts") is one crazy place, comparable to the Mapco at Central and Cooper here in Memphis.

It is physically impossible for me to go to Nashville without eating at Noshville.

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