Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hall of Mayors

If you ever find yourself in the Memphis City Hall, as I often do, stop in the Hall of Mayors - it is such a treat!

1. In the Hall of Mayors you can see that there is actually interesting architecture in City Hall.

2. But the best part is all of the (creepy) portraits of all of the mayors.

3. This one is my favorite, probably because of the detail on the... whatever that is.

4. A lot of the portraits were painted by Cornelius Hankins. There are portraits by him from 1855 to 1928.

5. Gray also did a number of the portraits.

6. Apparently Mayor Overton signed his portrait, rather than the artist.

7. This unreadable artist painted Crump.

8. And a female artist painted this grumpy old dude with a cool name.

9. Paul Penczner painted Chandler.

10. There's cool stuff in here like this clock.

11. But also a lot of miscellany.

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Mrs. Katherine said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I've looked at it twice.