Monday, September 14, 2009

Ladies' Parties Statement

Ladies’ Parties
Twist Gallery
September 5 – 26

There is no rulebook for Ladies’ Parties. Their accompanying rituals may be universal, but then again may not, because I’ve never seen it written that the prize for a game is intended to be given back to the honoree, or that one guest will always be seated next to the bride- or mother-to-be to record what gift was from which giver. What is commonly accepted is that we will wear our best outfits and there will be excellent food.

These aren’t rules, but rites passed from generation to generation in order to honor our sisters, cousin, aunts and friends. What better way to do so than the same way our mothers and grandmothers did.

These paintings celebrate the fun and the folly of the Ladies’ Party, with utmost affection, and are a tribute to the way we dress up for each other.

Elizabeth Alley

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