Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Artists I've Been Looking At

Within a month recently, 2 people asked me what artists I was looking at. I didn't have an answer either time, and I think it's because I look at art ALL THE TIME. Mostly on the internet, often in magazines, and whenever possible in person. It's just what I do. So in true Listwork form, I have compiled a list of artists that I remember looking at in 2008 because a) I happened to see their work and it inspired me, b) I specifically sought out their work with help in solving a particular problem, c) or because I am inspired by their work because it is so different from my own.

Camille Engman - I love to look at her work because it is so different from mine.

Chandler Pritchett - I had the opportunity to really study a number of her little watercolors.

Deborah Brown - Forgot how to paint a sky the other day and had to look at a card I have of her work.

Gadsby Creson - We both had CaseWorks shows.

Mary Cassatt - Solved a huge problem while leafing through a book of her work.

Lucien Freud - What painter doesn't look at his work.

Elizabeth Owen - The scale of her work is inspiring.

Richard Diebenkorn - Took a picture of his work in the New Orleans Art Museum, hoping it would help me with a painting I was working on.

Alex Katz - Also at New Orleans Art Museum. His backgrounds are cool.

Bobby Spillman - Who knew you could just draw?!

Carl Moore - His work is also so different from mine, and I think that's why I love to look at it.

Mel Spillman - Her colors are delicious.

Artists in Lines & Shapes - Fun to leaf through when stalling in the studio.

Elizabeth Peyton - Just a little.

William Eggleston - It has been hard not to see him in the last few months, but I'm not complaining.

Giorgio Morandi - Very well-placed paint. Saw a couple of articles on him, but unfortunately didn't make it to New York for the show at the Metropolitan.

Susan Maakestad - I bought one of her little watercolors, and set it next to the TV in a chair, like a visitor.

Sandra Juto - Excellent photographer. We have a similar aesthetic sense - I often see her photographs, especially the ones of buildings, and wish I had painted them.

William MacDonnell - I look at his work all the time. He had THE BEST show at the Art Gallery of Calgary, in Canada, which I just stumbled into while on vacation there in 2006. I keep the brochure from it next to my easel, and occassionally google him. Unfortunately this is all I can ever find.

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